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Parent Quotes

A vital component of our TCN village comprises of TCN parents and families. So, what are TCN parents' thoughts on our community? Here are some testimonials from parents about our school.

  • "Staff and teachers are the best thing here they really help our students learn how to enjoy and engage in their learning"
  • "Weekly traditions like panther paw really allow for the kids to show community as well for us parents to join in the celebrations and performances"
  • "TCN makes me feel like I am part of a big familia (family)"
  • "The teachers at TCN show lots of capacity and experience when it comes to teaching various subjects" 
  • "Not only do teachers seem very capable but admin do too there isn't a problem they won't try and find a solution for" 
  • "The after school program is a great opportunity that is offered here at TCN"
  • "TCN offers great field trips for all the students across the grades"
  • "I really like the fact that my kids go to a school where one of their core values is making college a reality because I feel like it exposes my kids to the opportunity and mindset of college at such a young age"